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Charitable Remainder Trusts ("CRT") can provide significant tax advantages to the settlor-donor. When properly drafted and structured a CRT can provide such benefits as:

1. Elimination of capital gains taxes on highly-appreciated assets transferred to, and subsequently sold by, the CRT;

2. An annual income to the donor(s) from the CRT;

3. An income tax charitable deduction;

4. No gift taxes upon transfer of assets to the CRT;

5. The value of the assets transferred to it are deductible for gift/estate tax purposes;

6. Increased liability protection for assets transferred to the CRT;

7. The ability of the settlor/donor to serve as the Trustee; and

8. To serve as a receptacle for IRA and other retirement funds at the donor's death.

We have been specializing in charitable remainder trusts for over 25 years.  Call us today for a free consultation.

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