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Q. #4.  I own several rental properties. What can I do to protect myself from lawsuits by tenants or their visitors.

A. There is no easy answer with such little information. Depending upon their value and any indebtedness, you might consider establishing a properly-drafted separate Limited Liability Company ("LLC") for each property. The purpose of using multiple LLC's is to prevent one problem property from contaminating all of the properties should a major liability occur.  Another issue is - are you married, and, do you live in a community-property state?

Contrary to the claims of many ill-informed promoters, the vast majority of the states do NOT limit a creditor's remedy solely to a "charging order" and, thus, the sought-for asset protection would actually be unavailable in those states.  Please remember, however, that because real estate is not a movable asset certain creditors may still litigate a successful claim in the state where the real estate is located. Therefore, additional vehicles, such as asset protection trusts, may be necessary if you truly desire substantial asset protection.

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