William Comer Family Trust Attorney

WILLIAM L. COMER, Paralegal Associate


Specializing in estate preservation, asset protection and privacy for over 38 years, William Comer has been called the "grandfather" of Asset Protection.

His expertise and recommendations include maximizing the use of uniquely-designed comprehensive and protective Family Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Domestic and Foreign-Situs (tax-neutral) Asset Protection Trusts, Tax-Exempt Foundations, Charitable Remainder Trusts (including NI-CRUT's, NIM-CRUT's and S-CRUT's), Charitable Lead Trusts, Irrevocable and Revocable Living Trusts, Educational Trusts, Special NeedsTrusts, and Prenuptial Agreements as vehicles to preserve, protect and privatize the wealth of his nationwide clientele.

William Comer's background - he is

• a Paralegal (having completed his course of studies from the SCI School of Paralegal Studies in 1988);

• a Certified Senior Advisor;

• a member of the Isle of Man-based OFFSHORE INSTITUTE;

• has written two books - FREEDOM, ASSET PROTECTION & YOU, the nation's first "COMPLETE Encyclopedia of Asset Protection and Estate Preservation", and, The PITFALLS of Using Foreign Corporations for U.S. Families;

• is, or has been, listed in WHO'S WHO in Executives and Professionals and in The Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons;

• is the founder of FINANCIAL FREEDOM CONSULTANTS, LLC, a financial-tax consulting firm; and

• has been a featured guest, or quoted, on over 265 radio and television stations, has lectured throughout the U.S., Costa Rica and the Bahamas, and, his articles have been published, or quoted, in over 45 national and international publications.

William Comer's services are recommended by such widely-respected individuals as Harry Schultz, Dr. Joe Gandolfo, Edward Lee, Don McAlvany, Dean Danielsen, and Joseph R. Mancuso, founder and chief executive officer of the CEO Club, Inc.


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